Raspberry PI WIDS (Teaser)

So I’ve been dropping hints about this since July or so. The biggest hint was on my “Raspberry Pi Projects” entry from September. Since then I have been told by the editor of The Linux Journal that the article is going to be published. It will be in either the December, or January issue. I hoping January, because that’s the annual security issue.

Short version, 6 Raspberry Pis, 6 wireless cards, a laptop, 1 switch. About 4% the cost of a large network vendor’s commercial version.

I’ll be submitting this talk for the 2015 Conferences I go to. (Planning on Circle City Con, DerbyCon, and GrrCon).

(oh, and this is the second publication I’ve done. The first one was a book review for “The Ethical Hacker Network” back in 2010.

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