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My views on cybersecurity, information security, information assurance, physical security, and other things related to the industry and IT.

My $dayjob is that of a Cyber Threat Intelligence analyst. My previous $job had me doing  Cyber Threat Intelligence, Incident Detection and Response, and Open Source Investigations. My work requires me to write shell and python scripts, build metrics, do link analysis and write reports on the findings for executive-level management.

I started my Cybersecurity / Information Security / IT career by doing physical work, changing locks, running cables, building Point Of Presence (POP) and Data Centers. I then moved into Network Operation Centers and System Administration.

I’ve worked in Network Service Provider, Telecommunications, Automotive, Publishing, Infrastructure as a Service, and Healthcare. Currently, I’m at a company that covers multiple Critical Infrastructure verticals.

I’ve also worked security for a couple of Sci-Fi conventions. On occasion at those cons, I got to escort VIPs and the Guest Speakers through the cons with the goal of having people leave them alone.

I teach Tang Soo Do and Self Defense classes when time permits. I’ve studied Tang Soo Do most of my life and studied some other arts along the way.

My education includes a Dual Masters’s degree, a Master’s of Science in Cybersecurity, and a Master’s of Business Administration. A Graduate Certificate in Digital Forensics. All three are from the University of Maryland Unversity College. I have a BS in Science in Applied Information Assurance from Eastern Michigan University. My EMU classes included Intelligence Analysis, Cyber Crime Investigations, Cyber Law, Digital Forensics, and Foreign and Domestic Terrorism and Information Warfare.

I run the Ann Arbor chapter of TOOOL

I hold the following licenses, certifications, certificates, and degrees:

  • Dual degree: Masters of Science in Cybersecurity and a Masters of Business Administration
  • Graduate Certificate in Digital Forensics
  • Bachelors of Science in Applied Information Assurance
  • Associate of Applied Science, Computer Information Systems
  • Associate in General Studies focused on Anthropology
  • Open FAIR Foundation
  • GOSI
  • GCTI
  • Security+
  • Offensive Security Wireless Professional
  • New Mexico Tech Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center – Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings program – Awareness Level
  • Eastern Michigan University Center for Regional and National Security – Incident Response to Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • Extra class Amateur Licenses
  • Black belt (1st Dan) Tang Soo Do

I also teach lock picking, speak at conferences, and have been published.

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