Monthly Archives: September 2014

Something different in classes

This semester, the first quiz in each of my Information Assurance classes was to gauge the skill of levels of the class. I liked that, I think it would have been good last Winter if the Digital Forensics 2 class would have done that.

It gives the professor a better way to know what people’s skills are, which should improve the class. It gives the professors a way to help students that are a little behind. it’ll also hopefully allow the professor to make the class harder for some of us.

Raspberry Pi projects

Back in May and June, I did a project for school with 6 Raspberry Pis to build a WIDs. It went good. I wrote an article, I’m waiting to hear back if it’ll get published.

After the project, I had 6 Raspberry Pis kicking around. I have a project I want to work on, that could lead to another article. I just need to build my skills up to that first.

To get there, I wanted to build an Onion Pi. This will tie in to another project I’m working on. As some of you know I’m a fan of The Onion Router (TOR), especially when I’m doing Intelligence related research. The Onion Pi would be a good thing to have in the bag of tricks.

To get the Onion Pi working, I needed to go through the Adafruit Wifi Access Point. This is the second time I build an AP. This one is just a little different than last time. This time instead of an Edimax wireless card, I went with one of my TP Link TL-WN722Ns. I wanted the external antenna. I was using the 2014-09-09_wheezy_raspbian image.

Hostapd didn’t work right. It kept throwing errors on start about nl80211 not being a known driver. I had to build hostapd from source, which needed to have libssl-dev and libnl-1.1 installed, to get hostpad to build right. Then I needed to copy my built version into the right place.

I also had problems with isc-dhcp-server and tor starting. It looks like wlan0 isn’t starting properly. I’ll have to troubleshoot it more later. Adafruit has a comment about disabling wpa_supplicant. I don’t know if that will fix the problem though. I’ll follow up after.

New Semester

Haven’t written in a while. I’m still waiting to hear back on a project, before I can write about it here.

This term I’m taking Ethical Hacking, Network Forensics, and Elementary Statistics.

Each of those deserve a post on their own. Because of Ethical Hacking, I got the latest version of “The Basics of Penetration Testing and Hacking”:. Turns out I had half the books for Network Forensics already (the other one was on my wishlist), so that’s a bonus too.

We won’t talk about Stats, I have nothing nice to say about it.

If all goes right, I should be done with undergrad in December.