Monthly Archives: June 2015

ARRL Field Day

Over the weekend I did my very first ARRL Field Day. It was rather interesting. For those that don’t know what Field Day is, it’s when the Amateur Radio Service (yes there is a public service aspect to the HAM Hobby and License) gets together to make contacts under adverse conditions. The club I am in, Ford Amateur Radio League, teamed up again this year with the Livonia Radio Club. We had a tent with a generator out in the middle of a field.

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Getting the Raspberry Pis ready

As I mentioned before here and here I’ll be at Circle City Con, talking about the Raspberry Pi WIDS project I did last year at Eastern.

I’ve updated all my Raspberry Pis, including the firmware. I’ve setup a Raspberry Pi B+ and the Raspberry Pi 2 with the respective Kali images. But they still need to be set up as kismet drones, and tested.

I also need to set up the hard drive for the con, and update my slide deck.

1 week to do it in. Plenty of time.  (Famous last words).