Incognito Toolkit by Rob Robideau

A while back I grabbed copies of both Practical Anonymity — link goes to my review — and the Incognito Toolkit, I think the former should have been more like the latter. The biggest complaint I had about Incognito was that it was self published. It showed in the writing.

Being a blogger, self publishing is what we do. But there were parts of Incognito Toolkit, that could have really used more proof-reading. Yet, it was a good book. The topics that were covered in it, were better than the topics that were covered in the Practical Anonymity. Where Practical Anonymity covered nothing beyond the TOR Universe, Incognito Toolkit started there and moved beyond.

Incognito covered: TOR, System Hardening, working with Passwords, private communication — Encrypted Email, Chat, Voice — data privacy through encryption, and anonymous banking — hint it’s not BitCoin. But Mr. Robideau didn’t stop there in most cases he talks about how things failed, like BitCoin when it came to be anonymous online.

While I think the title is a little misleading, it’s not a toolkit as in an all in one stop, it does give you a list of tools, and now to pick tools in the future to be anonymous online.

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