Practical Anonymity by Peter Loshin

I got a copy of Practical Anonymity by Peter Loshin a while back via O’Reilly, had a sell on it. I finished it about two weeks ago. For what it sounded like it would be, I’m disappointed. I was expecting something more along the lines of “How to be Invisible”. For what it was, it was pretty good.

If you’re new to TOR, the TOR Browser Bundle and Tails, then this is a good primer. It is a little dated now, but it is still valuable to those that are new and want to learn about The Onion Network and how it works and what it can do for people. I did pick up a few new things along the way, but for the most part it was old hat stuff to me at this point.

One thing I liked over the Ebook version I had, was being able to refer to all the PDFs and Websites real time, instead of having to go to a computer and look things up.

Like I said, for what I was expecting it wasn’t that. For what it was, it’s a 4.5 star book in my opinion. Especially if you’re new to the whole online privacy thing.

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