using 1000 mA to power Raspberry Pi and TL-WN722N

I’m working on a project using the Raspberry Pi. The requirement was that I use the TP-LINK TL-WN722N, actually I just needed a wireless adapter with an external antenna. When I found the TL-WN722N on Amazon, the reviews said people were having no problems plugging the device straight in to the Raspberry Pi.

While researching things today, I came across this penetration testing article by Cyber Arms. There, and several places on the Raspberry Pi forums it said that people needed to use 2.1 amp usb chargers. The others wouldn’t do what was needed with the Pi, and the wireless adapter plugged in. So I went out and got 3, 2.1 amp plugs, when I bought extra Raspberry Pi units.

I’ve done some testing with the power cables I got last time. the standard 5v, 1000 mA (1 amp) ones, and it ran the plug for the wireless keyboard remote (small keyobard) and the wireless adapter, with no problem.

Here is the one I got, it’s made in China, and sold via MCM. Sorry about the flash on the photo, but that was the best one I got after 10 tries.

20140620_231412 20140620_232347

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