Current Python Working Environment.

Over the last nine to ten months, I’ve changed how I’ve been using Python, again.

Working environment:

I work in either Debian or Xubuntu Linux, or Windows Subsystem Linux (WSL) Debian. I prefer Debian on bare metal hardware. The VMs I use at work are usually Xubuntu (faster, easier setup). Work’s laptop has Windows 10 Enterprise on it, which is where WSL comes in.

Python installation:

I’ve been using pyenv. Real Python has a good setup document . The only problem I’ve had with the guide is that Debian doesn’t install git, so I need to remember to install it.

I usually keep a copy of 3.6.8, 3.8, and 3.9 on my systems.


I have so many directories with .venv in them. I try to keep a directory called projects under my home directory. I have the following added to my .bashrc file to handle them.

Developer Environment:

I used to use Atom, and I liked it well enough. However, it would randomly crash, and that finally got me to the point where I changed. Currently, I use VSCode. It’s good enough and on the approved software list at $dayjob, unlike Atom.

I’ve used PyCharm but thought it got too in the way. Too many “extra” files. I have the same issue with VSCode, but it didn’t’ seem as bad.

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