Book Review: Mass Killers: How you Can Identify, Workplace, School, or Public Killers Before They Strike

I bought this book in December of 2013. I think started to read it, and lost interest / had other things come up. I recently picked this book up to read not that long ago, and went through it. Mike Roche, did a good job of breaking the book up in to parts. He uses his history in Law Enforcement to cover Mass Shootings, the signs, and how HR / Senior Leadership should handle the events leading up to a shooting.

There is a lot of psychology in the first half of this book. He explains the different mental types associated with mass killers, and looks at the reasons why.

The four motives he covers are fame, suicide (death by Law Enforcement), revenge, and attention to a grievance. Looking at all of these you can see why mass shooters do what they do.

By deconstructing previous mass shootings and the signs that were there before, he is able to place a well laid path for the reader to see the issue that should be raised to the authorities. This creates more than the typical “see something, say something” and creates an informed “see something, say something” that provided better details.

The last part of the book, goes over the parts that Companies need to worry about. While it doesn’t create experts, it does create informed views allowing HR and Security to ask the right questions to get Threat Management set up in the workplace or school.

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