My thoughts on Ashley Madison Dumps: another missed chance to up the IR game

I don’t care what people want to do in there spare time. I don’t care about the teaser dump, I don’t care about the 9 gig dump, I don’t care about the 20 gig dump, and I don’t care about the 300 gigs that Impact Team claims to have.

However as someone who’s job it is to defend the company, a member of the Blue Team, there are responsibilities I have to the company. Instead of DMCA take down notices, Avid Life or at least the Incident Response team, should be working with any non-webmail based domain. So if a company’s domain shows up in the list, they should contact that company’s CIRT team. This allows the CIRT to defend against any possible attacks.

Now granted that the attacks the CIRTs are most likely to see are Spear Phishing and account brute force attacks. It still make sense to share the relevant information. I believe the same about the Anthem and OPM breaches. In all these cases, these have been missed opportunities.

Based on what I’ve done so far, what I’ve sat through in presentations, and what I’ve learned in school not enough of us are working together. Company CIRTs stop at the perimeter when they should probably be sharing information. I’ve seen too many in the industry saying “that’s their problem, let them find it”. Meanwhile how many times have we as an industry seen news stories saying Company X didn’t know they were breached until they were pinged by the U.S. Gov?

I know that Scott Roberts at his Bsides Columbus talk said there were Out of Band forums, and it sounded like the members were from multiple CIRTs, that some people use. But what is the usage like compared to all the CIRTs / Security Teams / Sole Admin supporting the whole company, that could use that kind of forum for help?

Should the CIRT team’s responsibility stop at the perimeter, or should all the teams out there have ways to work together through a web of trust to make attacking harder?

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