Home Lab – Lines to the basement

I currently have 2 lines ran to the basement. One black 15 foot, 1 red 25 foot. I ran the black line last year before the basement flooded in August, but I couldn’t tel you why I did it now. I really don’t remember. I think it was for my old tower. The red line is for the span port. I chose to color code them to make it easier to know what does what.

I used the pre-drilled holes in the floor for some reason the cable provider for who lived here before me drilled 2 holes next to each other. The old cable is still there, the other was empty, and what my provide used. Dropping the black line was quick and easy. The red cable though, was a pain in the butt. I could get it in the hole, but it would get stuck at the bottom edge of the wood. I ended up pulling up a length of coax, and then taping the span cable to it. I then fed it through the hole. That got it down there, then I fed from above instead of pulled because it was a tight fit, and figured pushing would do less damage to the cat5e twisted pairs.

I was thinking it would have been great to have flight line, fish tape, or a pole, but after looking at the head on a fish tape last night, I don’t think that would have worked either.

color code:
Black – switch to switch
white – entertainment
red – span
blue – Firewall to Switch, Switch to Router
green – ISP

I don’t know what color I’m going to use for the PI farm. I was thinking maybe purple.

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