Two book reviews on Personal Security.

Two books I read on personal safety recently were “Alone and Afraid” by J.J. Luna (also known for “How to Be Invisible“) and “Escaping the O Zone” by Doug Cummings.

I reviewed both of these books on Amazon. I have “Alone and Afraid” 5 stars, and “Escaping the O Zone” 4 stars.

As I said on Amazon, I wasn’t the target audience for “Alone and Afraid” but it was worth reading. The book is a good book for anyone getting ready to move out on their own.

“Escaping the O Zone” was a book about learning situational awareness and not getting over cocky in the process. My complaint about it, the end felt rushed, and the book too short.

Taking the two books together though, and reading them back to back is something that should be done. The two will make a person think different and be more aware of what is going on when they do. If possible I would suggest Doug Cumming’s “Escaping the O Zone” before J.J. Luna’s  “Alone and Afraid”. Which would be the opposite of the order I read them in. This lets someone build the situational awarness skills as they start thinking about how to reset their home security posture. After all what good is it to change your house around, if you don’t notice the people watching you do it.

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