Another Tony Mendez book

So at some point, copy write / library of congress page says 2007, Tony and Jonna Mendez wrote a book for the “Scholastic Ultimate Spy Club”. ┬áIt’s a basic little book written for kids, on the basics of tradecraft. The book title is “Gather Info, Getting the Scoop by Using Your Wits”. When I first saw it on Amazon, I was expecting an adult book on tradecraft, not a kids book.

Since the book arrived last week, without the spy glasses (mirrors on the inside), I kept asking why I paid that much for an out of print kids book. I however went through it in one sitting tonight, since it was 32 pages, and actually was happy with the purchase. The majority of the stuff in it I knew how to do already. Not surprising since this is written for kids. I did have some flash backs to my own mis-spent youth in the 80s and 90s.

The Visual sweep technique, while only one page was really useful. I’m going to put that in to more practice. Short version, stand in the door, look over the room left to right, and observe. Granted I do something like this already, maybe not always left to right, usually as a whole, but still nice to read.

Is it worth the price you’re going to pay for it if you order from a re-seller on Amazon? No, but I bought it because I want to have all of Mendez’s books, for a proper and complete collection. Although, if it had the glasses it would have been even better. There was even a page on OSINT.

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